Escalera del patio del Museo L'Iber

The Palace of the Marquises of Malferit has unique spaces open to events, all of them equipped to deal with the most diverse types of experiences, whether private or corporate, combining the beauty of the past with the most cutting-edge technology.

Malferit’s palace


This old Gothic-style palace, one of the best-preserved buildings from the period, houses two large patios inside, connected by a beautiful corridor decorated with Valencian ceramics.

The Gothic Courtyard, presided over by a winged unicorn sculpted on a column, is one of the best preserved Gothic courtyards of Mediterranean civil Gothic architecture. Its staircase, in perfect condition, gives the space a great charm. This patio is the ideal setting for holding dinners, cocktails, and events, with a capacity for a hundred people.

The Patio de los Arcos, which falls inside the building, is larger than the nearby Gothic patio, with a capacity for 260 people. In it you can recreate the charm of its archery, the contrast between the white of its walls and the leafy plants and flowers, whose aroma turns any event into a special act. The Patio de los Arcos is ideal for holding small concerts, presentations, cocktails or dinners, offering the possibility of sheltering in its covered part on days of adverse weather.

Hall of tapestries

Space that was once the dining room of the stately home, was the main setting for the celebrations. Decorated like the great civil Gothic rooms of Valencia palaces, it is comparable to its equivalents in the Lonja or the Palacio de la Generalitat.

The Hall of Tapestries now hosts cultural events. That is why it is equipped with technical means that make it possible to hold conferences, workshops and courses. Its walls show off two large tapestries from the Royal Factory and Flanders. Noteworthy is the presence in this room of two large Satsuma-style vases, dating from the 19th century, which belonged to the last viceroy of the Philippines.

Wooden’s lounge

One of the most special rooms in our museum is the Wooden Room, whose original function was to smoke. The “fumoirs” became essential spaces in the stately homes of the 19th century, intended for the meeting of men who, after meals, retired to smoke, away from female company.

A space with a lot of history, ideal for small meetings and events of great importance.

Both the Tapestry Room and the Wooden Room can be joined by opening the large glass doors that join them, thus creating a closed space for more than a hundred people.

The farmhouse of Carmen

Just 15 minutes from the city of Valencia is La Masía del Carmen, a privileged place that combines history and natural surroundings.

Already in the 18th century there is evidence of La Masía, its orchards and the dry land that surrounded it. With the discovery of crystal-clear water wells, the irrigation of the place improved and, after the Civil War, the ancestors of the current owners planted the large trees that are still standing today, adorning the gardens.

La Masía was also a meeting place for the neighboring people. Until the end of the 1980s, mass was celebrated every Sunday, where those who came from the nearby farmhouses gathered.

In addition to a beautiful natural environment, the farmhouse has a glass pergola with a capacity of between 400-500 people.

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