Presentación de libro en el patio del Museo L'Iber

From the L’Iber Museum we want to thank all those people who help us and contribute to our work of disseminating history and culture so that it may continue being a reality.

The L’Iber Museum has hosted, since its opening in 2007, not only the largest collection of miniature soldiers in the world, but also all kinds of cultural events: book presentations, conferences, history courses, art history, literature, languages, yoga , Tai Chi… with the aim of promoting and disseminating culture.

As a non-profit entity, the L’Iber Museum welcomes any contribution that helps us continue with our cultural work. Nearly a million people have visited the museum and participated in our activities over the years, thanks to the Libertas 7 Foundation, our team, our sponsors and you, the museum’s friends.

Benefits of being a friend of the L'Iber museum


Young friend

40 /year*
  • Until 26 years
  • Tax deduction: 30€
  • Net contribution: 10€


60 /year *
  • Tax deduction: 45€
  • Net contribution: 15€

Honor’s friend

150 /year *
  • Tax deduction: 112’50€
  • Net contribution: 37’50€

* Annual minimum amounts. Higher donations are appreciated.

According to Law 49/2002, individuals who have donated part of their income to an NGO will be able to deduct up to 75% of the first €150 donated in total to this type of entity. From here, the deduction will be 30%, if you have been donating for more than two years, the deduction would be 35%.

Each year you can request a donation certificate for your contribution and thus deduct most of what you have donated from your taxes. We will send you an email to remind you.


If you wish to sponsor a book presentation, a conference, a workshop for children or for a group at risk of social exclusion, a diorama, a room, an exhibition or any other cultural activity that we carry out, please contact us. You can do it through our email or by calling 963 918 675.

For companies that wish to support us, please contact us through the above-mentioned mail and telephone.