This room was once the dining room of the manor house, it was the main setting for the celebrations. Decorated like the great civil Gothic rooms of the Valencian palaces, it is comparable to its equivalents in the Lonja or the Palace of the Generalitat.

If something attracts attention, it is the great Japanese vases that are exhibited on its right bank. Made in the Satsuma style which enjoyed great success in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. They belonged to the last viceroy of the Philippines. Due to their quality and size, the vases at the L’Iber Museum are authentic jewels, unique in the Valencian area.

The tapestries that decorate the room come, one of them, from the Royal Tapestry Factory founded around 1721 by King Felipe V in Madrid and, the other, from Flanders. Of great size and quality, one of them shows the Coronation of Marcus Aurelius.

The L’Iber Museum, together with its work on exhibiting the largest collection of little soldiers in the world, is a place for meeting and disseminating culture, history, art and literature. That is why one of its rooms is intended to host book presentations, conferences and educational workshops.