The two rooms of the Museum dedicated to Antiquity are the richest in dioramas. Chronologically we start with the Sumerians, the first great civilization of the ancient world and, from there, we advance with the Assyrians, Babylonians, Hebrews, Egyptians, Greeks, Iberians and Romans, as well as those peoples who faced Rome, such as the Gauls and the Germans.

Daily life and war conflicts of these civilizations are concentrated in this room, the largest in the Museum. Events as important as the Battle of Kadesh (1274 BC), which constitutes the first documented confrontation in ancient history, the Siege of the Babylonian troops of Nebuchadnezzar on the city of Jerusalem or the Battle of Gaugamela, the great victory of Alexander the Great over the Persian king Darius III are in this room.

Dioramas of smaller dimensions, but with careful scenography, take us into the daily life of the ancient Egyptians. The great Roman Empire occupies a good part of the room. Since Julius Caesar we advance hand in hand with emperors like Tiberius, Nero or Domitian.

In addition, we have the winning model of the award for the best model in the world championship held in Paris in 1956: Aníbal entering Sagunto, which is made from figures by Alymer Miniploms and set with the scenography of the most awarded fallero artist of the story: Regino Mas.

Among the manufacturers’ brands that appear in this room, we highlight Alymer, Ares, Atlantic, Facan, New Hope Design or Phoenix.