Vitrinas en la tienda del Museo L'Iber

Located in the museum, the L’Iber Store-Bookstore has historical miniatures from major brands, both national and international, as well as books, jewelry and toys for the little ones.

Miniaturas antiguas

Historical miniatures

In our store you will find historical miniatures made by manufacturers such as W. Britains, Thomas Gunn, The Collector Showcase and many others. In addition, we have a wide variety of historical miniatures from the local Valencian brand Mundiart.

Pinturas en la tienda del Museo L'Iber

Models and materials

If you are attracted to the world of models and miniaturism, in our store you will be able to find the necessary materials to develop your hobby.

The L’Iber Museum Store-Bookstore has everything you need in terms of many models and materials for hobby enthusiasts, it is the reference in the matter. Here you’ll find hard-to-find discontinued kits as well as current parts.

Libro abierto en la tienda del Museo L'Iber


From historical novels to comics about the adventures of Asterix and Obelix, in our store you will find books for adults and children. Additionally, you can purchase the guide to our museum to delve not only into the history of the palace, but our collection as well, the largest in the world of tin soldiers.

Juguetes en la tienda del Museo L'Iber


For the smallest of the house you will find all kinds of toys: figures of Marsupilami, the Smurfs, animals, a pirate ship, and even a model of a medieval castle that they can build themselves.

Piezas de joyería


The jewels exhibited in the Store-Bookshop are faithful reproductions of earrings, necklaces or bracelets from Antiquity. Inspired by the jewels that are currently in museums such as the Metropolitan in New York or the Victoria & Albert in London, we have Greco-Roman, Etruscan-inspired earrings, necklaces like those worn by women of Egyptian or Chinese high society, and made of materials such as gold, silver or red agate.

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