The Middle Ages room displays a small part of the jewels from our collection of historical miniatures. Great Christian battles against Islam such as Covadonga, the Siege of Toledo or the Surrender of Granada are represented. Also included is the entrance of Jaume Ier to Valencia, former taifa of Balansiya, whose representation is inspired by the frescoes of the Alcañiz castle.

At a European level, we have representations of decisive battles in the context of the Hundred Years War such as The Battles of Crécy (1346) and Poitiers (1356).

Characteristic of the Middle Ages were the clashes between civilizations and in particular the crusades in which Christian knights tried to recover the places they considered sacred. Thus, the military orders appeared, which are represented through high-quality figures.

Representations of medieval tournaments, assaults on castles, Vikings, the troops of the king of the taifa of Valencia, Abd al-Aziz, or the meeting of Saladin and Richard the Lionheart, a diorama made with old CBG-Mignot figures, culminate this room dedicated to the Middle Ages.