About L'Iber

L’Iber Soldaditos de Plomo Museum, located in the Palace of the Marquises of Malferit, is an outstanding private initiative that houses the world’s largest collection of tin soldiers, the result of the passionate collecting work of Mr. Álvaro Noguera, an important Valencian collaborator and businessman.

The Museum, together with its exhibition work, is a centre for the dissemination of history, culture, art and literature.

To carry out this cultural purpose, the Museum is managed by the Libertas 7 Foundation, a non-profit foundation officially recognised as a public utility that also promotes many other cultural and social activities, such as conferences, trips, symposiums, workshops, courses and book presentations, are just some of the actions carried out to fulfil its mission of transmitting and bringing culture closer to society.

The Collection

The enormous collection housed in the Museo l’Iber is the result of the passion for miniatures of Mr. Álvaro Noguera, a dynamic and appreciated businessman from Valencia, who had a great passion for history.

His collection grew continuously, as he never stopped acquiring new pieces. This fervent collector status gave rise to the more than one million pieces that the museum possesses as artistic material on display, stored or being restored in our workshops.

It was in the 80’s when Mr. Álvaro Noguera started the idea of exhibiting his collection to the public, but his perfectionism always postponed it. It was not until 2007 that the dream of this collector became a reality, when the L’Iber, Museum of the tin soldiers, was opened to the public, a moral and cultural legacy that one year after his death was honoured by his son, Alejandro Noguera, current director of the L’Iber Museum.

Although at its inauguration the museum had 1,000 square metres of exhibition space divided into 10 rooms in whose showcases some 50,000 pieces were displayed, today the number of rooms open to the public has almost doubled and the number of pieces on display is almost 100,000. These figures make the L’Iber Museum the leading museum of tin soldiers in the world, both in terms of exhibition space and the wealth of its collections. A few years after its opening, this private initiative is one of the most visited museums in the Valencian Community.

Objectives and Values

The collection of L’Iber, Museum of tin soldiers reproduces an impressive sequence of fragments of the military, political, social, economic and cultural history of humanity, from distant prehistory to the beginning of the third millennium. Thus, our pieces are converted into a transmission vehicle for history.

The ample variety of types, manufacturers, materials, and quality of our pieces makes the collection a model for lovers of historical miniatures.



  • Collaboration

    We strive for cooperation, participation, and teamwork for the development and transmission of culture.

  • Teaching

    Through the dissemination of knowledge and historical vision.

  • Quality

    Committed to the quality of our work to offer an enriching experience to our visitors, students and participants in our activities.

  • Transparency

    We work to achieve the maximum transparency of the institution through internal and external communication.

  • Collective identity

    It is an essential part of the cultural and social entity of Valencian society.

  • Equality

    Through our internal and external policies we seek equality in every field and the sustainability of our activities.