Upon entering the museum, visitors come across the Tirant Lo Blanch Room, animated with the most diverse figurines. The name of the room is due to the diorama that occupies a special place in it, right at the entrance of the museum, and that pays tribute to the most famous Valencian chivalric novel: Tirant Lo Blanch.

Throughout the room we find scenes of daily life that prove that in the L’Iber Museum not all the soldiers represent war scenes. Trades, the world of art, literature, comics, cinema, as well as the history of fashion, flood the showcases of this room.

In addition, just to the left of the entrance, you can find the showcase that houses temporary mini-exhibitions of the most varied themes.

This room is completed by a farm from the American War of Independence, a large street in London from the early 20th century and a large composition of Dickens’ England.